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Are You a Friend of Sinners? | Today on The 700 Club


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March 21, 2018 SHARE →
Are You a Friend of Sinners?

Pastor and reality TV star, Rich Wilkerson shares his latest book, Friend of Sinners, and discusses why relationships are more important than perfection.

Basketball Star Abandons Promiscuity for Love

Mick basked in the success of his basketball dreams, until his obsessive pursuit of women ruined everything. Then he turned to his childhood faith for an answer.

ob1771_si.jpg Knowing You’re Going to Drown

Mary thought she and her husband would perish when their truck stalled in the rising waters of Hurricane Harvey. They were rescued, but they lost their home in the flood. See how this family and many others saw a silver lining after the storm – thanks to caring friends like you.

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kathiaultman_si.jpg ‘I Murdered More People Than Ted Bundy’: Former Abortionist Reflects on Painful Past

Dr. Kathi Aultman thought she was helping women. But after performing hundreds of abortions, she came to realize she was murdering human beings.

700 Club Interactive

sal115_alton_si.jpg 700 Club Interactive: March 21, 2018

Addiction costs promising athlete a sports career. See how he found true freedom with the help of his defense attorney and arresting officer.

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hi403_si_0.jpg Dodging Speeding Traffic for Water

A dangerous highway separated the Cholou’s school from its water supply, a public well. The 8th-grade student ran in front of speeding vehicles several times a day to get water for the school garden and sanitation. See how someone stepped in to solve this problem!

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