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‘Case for Christ’ Author Debuts New Book | Today on The 700 Club


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March 27, 2018 SHARE →
‘Case for Christ’ Author Debuts New Book

Lee Strobel says miracles still happen today, and shares his newest book, The Case for Miracles.

Atheist Finds the Answer to A Life of Joy

Veronica dismissed her Christian faith and tried to dismantle her family’s faith until she realized she had no joy.

op701_si.jpg My Mom Left Me

Five-year-old Adimir sat by the orphanage window, eating nothing for three days after his mother dropped him off with his brothers and sisters. Why couldn’t she support her family? Watch this story unfold as CBN’s Orphan’s Promise worked to reunite this family in Kyrgyzstan.

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haitiextolloministry_si.jpg ‘Invest in the People First’: The Powerful Ministry That’s Rebuilding Lives in Haiti

Despite billions of dollars in humanitarian aid that have poured into the Haiti, corruption has meant that many of Haiti’s citizens to continue to live in deplorable conditions. One man hopes to change that by building builders.

700 Club Interactive

sue589_lee_strobel_7cia_hdv.jpg 700 Club Interactive: March 27, 2018

Author Nancy Houston discusses developing healthy intimacy in marriage.

CBN Ministries

hi409_baby_dias_lip_SI.jpg "Aren’t You Sorry He Was Born?"

For years they wanted a baby, and when little Dias was born they rejoiced – but not for long. No one in their Indonesian village had seen a cleft lip before. Dias’ parents couldn’t possibly afford the surgery that he needed.

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