[DEVOTIONAL] Our Daily Manna ODM devotional 28 March 2018 — Refuse Amnesty! Declare Your Pardon!


Topic: Refuse Amnesty! Declare Your Pardon! [Our Daily Manna ODM Wednesday, March 28, 2018]


Basic Scripture: Romans 8:17-34

On august 25, 2017, president Donald Trump pardoned Sheriff ARPAIO for his conviction for criminal concept of court, a decision that provoked great controversy. The pardon covered ARPAIO‘s conviction and any other offense under chapter 21 of Title 18, United states codes that might arise or be charge ,in connection with Melendez v.

ARPAIO as a worthy candidate” having serve the nation for more than fifty years, protecting the public from scourges of crime/illegal immigration .” Remember that Obama also pardoned the formal U.S male soldier who change her sex to become a female, Chelsea Elisabeth meaning (born as Bradley Edward meaning). She was convicted by a court- martial in July 2013, of violation of the Espionage Act and other offences, after disclosing to WIKILEAKS nearly 750,000 classified documents note: that they are three difference types of pardon: Full pardon, Absolute pardon and unconditional pardon.

In law, an unconditional pardon cancels the offence as if it was never committed and restores the full rights of the ‘accused ‘as if a trail never took place. A conditional pardon is one in which a condition is attached, the performance of which is necessary to the validity of the pardon. A partial pardon on the other hand merely clears a portion of the punishment or removes a person from legal consequences of the crime. The word PARDON means more than just amnesty (forgiveness), parole or the human terms of forgiveness.

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Whereas amnesty cancels the punishment, it does not cancel the offence! It could be ‘resurrected ‘someday if necessary. An amnesty may or may not be accepted! On the other hand, for a pardon to be in force in your life, it must be accepted. Oh! Apologies for passing you through you unsolicited “ODM Law School” Notwithstanding, the fresh Manna frame the windows of heaven to you and your family today, is that: The day you accept the Lord Jesus into your heart, you were not just granted amnesty, but a full pardon.

Your sins were plotted out an the consequences or punishments of sin which are sickness, lack of progress, financial barrenness spiritual barrenness, failure, bad luck, stagnation and such like, were canceled! In this year 2018, refuse to leave like someone that was granted amnesty!

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Walk in boldness, reject guilt and declare daily your full pardon! Today’s scripture Vs 30 says:… whom he called, He justified ( to declare someone clean) and whom he justified, He glorified.” Live holy and declare your pardon daily. Hold on and hold out!

Prayer Points: Take song 2: My hope is built…

1. I declare my full pardon and reject consequence of the ADAMIC sin: sickness, stagnation and suchlike. I command them to lose me and my family today. I declare sickness, poverty, spiritual death, failure, shame etc to cease in Jesus name.
2. I reject amnesty! I declare my FULL PARDON this tear in Jesus name. I will never end up in shame in Jesus name.

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By Bishop (Dr) Chris E. Kwakpovwe (Cek)
Publisher/Writer Of ODM And

Rev (Mrs) Flora E. Kwakpovwe (Fek)
Co-Publisher/Writer Of ODM.

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