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[INSPIRATIONAL] I Am Expanding Your Capacity To Discern And Understand


In the details of this day you will begin to understand what you have previously seen, but could not decipher. I will show you the value and significance of details, that were previously undetected or undervalued. As a result you will see the world through a new lens. You will see with greater clarity, as you understand your day, and your life, with greater discernment from a new perspective. (1)

Within your capacity to observe and understand details you will have a context to analyze degrees and qualities. You will not only see the difference between good and bad at a macro level, but will also discern gradients and quality at the micro level. With this capacity you will begin to possess a detailed understanding of the inner workings you previously could not fathom. As a result you will grow in not only your knowledge, but also you understanding of this knowledge as you are equipped and empowered to make better decisions and choices throughout every aspect of your life. (2)


But as you embrace this newness do not allow it to overwhelm you. Do not allow the influx of details, along with the supplemental understanding offered by those details, overwhelm you or cause you to stymie. Know I am making this available to you, as I empower you to be more skilled, wise, and precise in your discernment. Walk in the assurance of all I am giving you this day, for it will not only strengthen you, but will empower you significantly as it gives you courage to continue to advance in your walk of faith, as you improve your ability to manage the resources and all that has been put under your care, custody, and control.

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(1) Proverbs 2:3-6
(2) Proverbs 4:5-9

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