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How the Catholic Church Embraces “The New Evangelization” | Today on The 700 Club


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May 31, 2018 SHARE →
How the Catholic Church Embraces “The New Evangelization”

Bishop Barry Knestout shares how the Catholic Church is fulfilling the Great Commission through exciting new outreaches.

Desperate for Healing from Years of Trauma

Jenny’s substance abuse escalated over time as she struggled to heal from the trauma of rape. In the midst of her desperation, she cried out to God.

op698_si.jpg Orphaned Boy Wanted to Die

After both of his parents died of AIDS, Dennis went to live with his grandmother in Kenya. There, he grew more despondent and barely had enough to eat. Dennis was so sad and malnourished, he no longer wanted to live. See how his grandmother saved his life.

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Trusting In the Name Above All Names

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pulverizingpopulists_si.jpg Why America’s Elitists Want to Silence the ‘Deplorables’

For years the courts and media have championed free speech, whether it was the right to burn the flag or to promote pornography. But today there’s a belief those same elites have a different priority: silencing the “politically incorrect.”

700 Club Interactive

SUB282_William_McDowell_ClubA_SI.jpg 700 Club Interactive: May 31, 2018

Pastor and worship leader, William McDowell shares how God is moving through revival and miracles and how we can stop waiting for revival and start seizing it.

CBN Ministries

ob1690_si.jpg Student Faints From Hunger

Luis tried to suppress his hunger by drinking only water. His single mom struggled to find steady work to feed her family, but water couldn’t quench the hunger pangs. Find out who cared enough to lift their burden.

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