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[INSPIRATIONAL] Learning What You Need To Learn For Today


You heard and recognized my voice but misunderstood the application of what I was saying. You took what I said and applied it according to what made sense to you in the moment. And while you meant well, there is need for adjustment and correction. So understand your interpretation and application of what I have said to you is now being adjusted a bit. Hold on to my words, but do not hold so tightly to the interpretation of what I have said that is cannot be adjusted. (1)

Hold tightly to the application of how you should respond, but not so tightly you cannot be corrected. For I am adjusting these things in your heart and mind this very day in order for you to have greater clarity and understanding regarding my will for your life today, but also in preparation for seasons soon coming too.


I am going to show you what is imperative, and what is not. I am going to show you the sequences events and milestones in your own life so you will understand how to prepare for the imperatives. I am going to show you what to discard, but also what to preserve. I will inspire you what to reject, but also what to resurrect.

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Know you have done well. You have done well in hearing me, and you have done well in your response, for you did your best in the moment with all you had. But also know, I am adjusting these things and doing so in order to bring about the maturity of the timing for this present season, but also for the preparation of seasons yet to come.

Discard all you have outgrown, and embrace what I am presenting to you, awakening to you, and reviving within you. Be mindful of where you are and remember where you have come from. Be especially aware of the direction I am now taking you, as well as the pace in which you are advancing, for both will look different than you previously presumed. I am adjusting your direction, as well as the interpretation of your destination, but I am also adjusting elements within your pace as well.

Be aware of these adjustments, for they will not be universal in their application. Certain elements will be increased, while other elements will be decreased. Do not presume everything will increase uniformly, but rely on my guidance to identify and govern these issues in your life. Likewise, do not presume everything will decrease in a unified manifestation, but be aware, responsive, and sensitive to what I am truly impressing upon you and revealing to you, rather than relying on logic, formulas, or what makes sense to you in the moment. Be sober minded in this moment to hear what I am truly saying, and see what I am truly doing. (2)

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The radical departures will be easy for you to recognize, for I am going to interrupt and intrude and there will be no mistake about what I am saying, giving you, or doing. However, with smaller details it will be easy to overlook and disregard the adjustments needed, so be especially concerned with the little things. As you are faithful with the little I will put you in charge of more. As you learn what needs to be learned in this day, you will advance, and will do so in a righteous, stable, and sustainable manner. (3)

(1) Romans 12:2
(2) Romans 12:3
(3) Luke 16:10-12

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