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[ALBUM] JayMikee (Son of Renowned Christian Filmmaker Mike Bamiloye) – ”One Man Nation” (Available Online) || @jay_mikee


Nigerian Multi-Talented Christian artist Joshua Mike-Bamiloye popularly known as JayMikee has released his 5th album ”One Man Nation”.


Each track on the album comes with a message of encouragement for the body of Christ at these trying times.

”We are more than just single creatures, rather as Christians, we are filled with a nation of spiritual beings with the Holy spirit as President of them all. ONE MAN NATION uses a couple of songs to buttress this”. – JayMikee

See Tracks List

  1. Are You Ready
  2. Take Over Me
  3. Ebanjo
  4. Mo Yin Oluwa
  5. We Need The Fire
  6. Tobi (Feat. Mike Bamiloye)
  7. Free
  8. I Will Rise
  9. Breaking Point
  10. Story of a Lady (Feat. Darasimi)
  11. Sunset at Midday (Feat. Darasimi)
  12. Alive
  13. Oh Why
  14. Iyawo


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Connect with JayMikee

Twitter: @jay_mikee

Instagram: jay_mikee

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joshuamikebamiloye/

Website: www.jaymikee.net



Are you ready, are you ready for the kingdom come. (X2)

Free your mind, free your spirit, let the kingdom come.

Are you ready, are you ready, for the Kingdom come


Oba awon Oba (king of kings) Kabi esi (Unquestionable God)

Ekabo o (You’re Welcome)



Verse 1

Let he who thinks he stands,

Let him take heed lest he falls

Even if he thinks he’s right

Lord I surrender my all.

I cant do this on my own

Watchfulness is not enough

I know I’m not qualified but,

Lord I surrender my all.


I surrender, I surrender, to You, To you

(Take over, Take over me)

Verse 2

Instead of living and struggling

Falling down and tumbling

Take away all the suffering

Lord I surrender my all

Give me speed when  run

Give me strength when I climb

Give me life so I can fly

Lord I surrender my all



Ebanjo, Ebankorin ayo

(Dance and sing for joy with me)

Si eledumare Oba

(to the great king)

O se mi lore, ko se pa mora

(He has favoured me and I can’t keep it to myself)

O somi d’ominira

(He has renewed me)


Verse 1

You redeemed my soul from every destruction

And I will sing your praises, I will lift you high

Coz, you’re my salvation

Oya commot for road o (I will lift Him higher)

He has given me victory (I go dance till I taya)

He has conquered the devil (Pata-Pata)

Verse 2

He has turned my sorrows into rejoicing

And now my pain is gone, and the battle is won

The reason I’m dancing

Oya commot for road o (I will lift Him higher)

He has given me victory (I go dance till I taya)

He has conquered the devil (Pata-Pata)


Ema bami rababa f’Oba ogo o

(Jubilate with me for the King of Glory)

Oba terere (kari aye) terere

(His majesty spreads across the world)


Ema bami komole f’Oba ogo

(dance with me for the King of glory)

Oba terere (kari aye) terere

(His majesty spreads across the world)


Ema bami fosoke f’Oba ogo

(Jump with me for the King of Glory)


  1. Mo Yin Oluwa

Mo yin Oluwa, Arugbo Ojo, Eledumare.

(I praise the Lord, the ancient of days, the…)

Who was, and who is, and who is, to come.

Verse 1

He is the reason we are still breathing

His death on the cross is the reason we are living

His victory over death is why we believe in-

The name of Jesus the reason we are singing

He is the God of wonder, the ruler and creator

Of the galaxies heaven and the equator

No other name is greater, no other king is high

All hail the baba loke alagbawi eda

We have come to praise you to raise you

Unquestionable are you ways you’re amazing

From the rising of the sun to the setting of the same

We will forever declare your name

Awesome ruler redeemer defender omega and alpha Jehovah baba nla ah

You are the God yes, you are the king yes

The Wise God Yes, the true King

Verse 2

I’ve said it once but I will say it again,

We’re taking the name of Jesus above all other name

Because He is the saviour the only true messiah

That’s why we’re using this track to raise Him higher and higher

You see this may be complicated or may not be entertaining

But, there is a reason why we’re doing what we’re doing

You may not comprehend this you may not understand

But believe me when I say that you should join this band

Things may not be working out the way you planned it

Life may be rough tough anything but splendid

Everybody is on a hustling mode

Trying to earn a little something just to soften the load

But there is a higher level of success you can never access

Unless you go through the process

Of praising the name of the Lord in every situation

Raise it even higher to receive more elevation


I’ll be praising my God, yesterday today and tomorrow

In every situation, happiness and sadness and sorrow

There is no stopping me, He is worthy of all of my praises

Alagbawi eda ogbenuwundiasola ogbanuadelegbosogo

‘you are mighty, you are mighty

You are worthy, you are worthy

You are glorious, you are glorious

You are marvellous, you are marvellous



Verse 1

Jesus, we need the fire,

To consume all the host of darkness and all its works.

To break us free from yokes and chains of evil

To purify and cleanse us from within


Jesus, we need the fire

To transform every darkness into light

To luminate the road as we are walking

To guide us on a path to eternal life


I say we need the fire

Oh oh oh oh


Release, the fire from the heavens

Release the fire from on-high.

(Let it fall, let it fall

Let it rain, let is rain)


  1. FREE

I was running a way from the truth

Because they say that the truth isint sweet

I was living a lie in the dark

Because I was afraid of what my eyes could see

You see until that fateful day

When the power took over me

And it opened up my eyes

now I’m a different entity

you see there’s no more running

and there is no more hiding

because those days are gone



Allow me to introduce myself

I’m not the one you used to know

I am a brand new man, I am a brand new man

Look at me from head to toe

And see the power that is shining

From the inside out, from the inside out

I am sanctified, I am purified,

And He is glorified , by His hand of salvation

I am justified, and I am in the light

Just to testify, I am Free

Verse 2

You can never comprehend the thought

How I was taken from the darkness into light

You can never comprehend the feeling

How I was wondering around and I was found

That’s why I’m never going back

Instead I’m moving forward,

Because the yolk is broken

And the chains are destroyed

Because I am on fire,

And I’m burning on high

that old me is no more



I am free (X12)

If you believe you can raise your voice and sing it…

I’m saying good bye to the man I was before,

I am free…




I will rise
From beneath the dust
I will shake all the pain and the sorrows from my past
I will see a brand new day
As I receive a second chance from the God above
Lift me up and let me stand
From the valleys below
Unto the highest plane
Give me wings so I can soar
Over all the land and seas and the mountains

This is my prayer
This is my prayer, oh Lord
This is my prayer



Everybody has those days when they are

Pushed to the wall like a picture frame

Or the times when they are

Pulled to the max like a rubber band at its breaking point

There’s a power in the name of Jesus

There is victory in the blood

It doesn’t matter what may come your way

I’m here to say that the battle is already won because…


Every word we pray, every sound we’re making

Every tear that falls, from all the cry and wailing

There is a God who will answer your prayers in time

If you trust in Him

Every wounded heart, every broken spirit,

Every situation, a still small voice will say

I am the God who will answer your prayers in time

If you rest in me.

When it seems like I am walking on my own

Or it seems like all my walls are crashing down

I will lift up my eyes to the mighty one

(Saying) Jesus Christ, son of God, Have



There is a way, that seems right to a man

But the end there of, is destruction

The fear of God, is the start of wisdom

But fools despise the instruction

There are many plans in a man’s heart

But it is the Lord’s counsel that will stand

When a man’s ways please the Lord

Even his enemies will be at peace with him


I will be a living sacrifice

I will never fall by the way side


Do not conform to the pattern of the World

But be ye transformed by renewing your mind

That you may approve, what it is that’s good

And acceptable, perfect will of God


I will be a living sacrifice

I will never fall by the way side

I will be a vessel in God’s hands

My sun will never set at mid-day

I will be a vessel in God’s hands

My sun will never set at mid-day


  1. ALIVE

Alive, Alive, Alive

There is something about the name of Jesus

Something special abou the blood he shed for me

It didn’t matter the nature of my story

Because I reached out to Him

and He took me and made me whole

and now I can say I’m alive


I had many questions about the name of Jesus

Many thigs that it did In the bible

Can it do it for me

I had my doubts, I had my fears I was alone

But at the nick of time, it was so amazing how

You came into my life and made me so alive



  1. OH WHY

Verse 1

Mysteries, puzzles and questions of faith

Every one wondering what is their faith oh why

Oh oh why

Why do children cry, why do people die

Why do nations fight rather than unite

Oh oh why

It doesn’t matter (whatever comes my way)

Every situation (Is working for my good)

Yes I believe (Yes I believe)


I have come so far, but by your spirit

And so that is why, I will put my trust In You

And You alone

I may not understand everything about you

It doesn’t matter I will put my trust in you

And you alone

I may not have all I want, but in you I have everything

And so I will put my trust in you and you alone.

Verse 2

Prophesies visions and revelations

Everyone searching for answers oh why

Oh oh why

Why do prayers not get answers,

Why do children of God seem to suffer oh why

Oh oh why

As for me it doesn’t matter (whatever comes my way)

Every situation (Is working for my good)

Yes I believe (Yes I believe)


Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

I will put my trust in you and you alone.

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