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[INSPIRATIONAL] Waiting Upon The Move Of My Hand


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Do not fear the adversity before you this day. Do not fear the uncertainty in your horizon. Do not reject the revelation I am giving you simply because it does not look the way you thought it would look. Do not run from the call upon our life, even though it looks to be more costly than you want it to be. Do not run from me, for in all these things surely you will remain faithful. Surely I will not only guide you, but also strengthen and empower you as I protect and instruct you day by day in the development of the call upon your life. (1)

Nothing in this world will ever separate you from my great love for you. My love knows no bounds, has no limits, thus having no total, accurate, or comprehensive definition. While you understand components and aspects of my love for you, there is entirely too much for you to process, perceive, or measure for you to understand it fully. But it is my great love that will allow you to overcome. It is my great love that will inspire you to take risks and inspire you to innovate and make changes. It is my great love that will allow you to endure the rejection and misunderstanding as part of the grand process initiated in your life, and to do so without becoming jaded, bitter, or cynical as a result. (2)

It is my great love that will keep your heart tender and pure. It is my great love that will lead you through the process to acquire answers when you have none. It is my great love that will direct your steps and move you along the path of greatness as you walk with me in the midst of trials, confusion, and delays.

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Wait upon me.

Even though waiting is costly it will be the best for you. As you wait upon the move of my hand you will see the clouds begin to part, and the sun begin to shine, as the Earth comes to a standstill on your behalf. You will see the day turn to night and the water turn to wine, for there is no limit too great for me. There is no obstacle too big for me. There is no question I do not already have the answer for. As you wait on me you will by no means be disappointed, but will be recharged, prepared, and invigorated as you do. (3)

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(1) Isaiah 41:10, Joshua 1:9, Psalm 32:8
(2) Romans 8:38-39, Ezekiel 36:26
(3) Joshua 10:13, John 2:1-11, Isaiah 40:31

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