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Police Officer Recounts His 13 Days In Ferguson | Today on The 700 Club


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August 09, 2018 SHARE →
Police Officer Recounts His 13 Days In Ferguson

Captain Ron Johnson discusses how he reached out to people during the Ferguson riots after Michael Brown’s death.

spr74_foles_cluba_si.jpg Super Bowl Champ Nick Foles Believes Winning Isn’t Everything

He’s the backup quarterback that led the Philadelphia Eagles to Super Bowl glory. Nick Foles looks back at his MVP performance and shares why sports immortality isn’t the pinnacle of his existence.

ob1774_si.jpg New Start for a Life Reduced to Ashes

After an elderly man loses everything in a fire, Operation Blessing steps in to change his life.

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reagansmovienight_si.jpg Lessons of Love, Life, and Death from Inside the Reagan White House

The elusive and somewhat mysterious Camp David has played double duty for more than a dozen US presidents. It’s been host to foreign dignitaries and nerve center for major policy decisions. But for former Reagan Press Secretary Mark Weinberg, it was home away from home.

700 Club Interactive

mir42_cameron_caden_cluba_hdv.jpg 700 Club Interactive: August 9, 2018

Two brothers are born with a rare, fatal, incurable genetic liver disorder. See how both were rescued from the brink of death.

CBN Ministries

op671_si.jpg Escaping an Abusive Mother

Yulya still remembers the humiliating cruelty at the hands of her mother. Her escape from abuse is an amazing story in itself. But seeing where Yulya is today will make your heart sing.

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