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What do you think makes a relationship wack or not really on the move. Is it because of either of the party not fulfilling his/her own role or what?

Read through as Nessa of Turning Things On point With Nessa.


“It’s yet another moment to make your relationship count on turning things on point with Nessa
What is the meaning of the word Relationship? Relationship is the connection between two or more people, brought together on a particular ground. There must be a ground in which people come together and this ground is what defines their relationship.
It is a strong,deep or close association or acquaintance between to or more people.
It is important we note that admirable relationships don’t happen over night, it takes full commitment and most of all efforts.
Relationship  can be classified in to four distinct types.
Romantic Relationship – This  form of relationship is established  on the ground of emotional attraction (sexually).
Logic relationship – This is established on the  bases of  shared value, financial terms or religion.
Selfish Relationship – Relationship formed from jealous and obsession.
Unselfish relationship – This is established over time and it’s usually sacrificial.
Topic – My Relationship And I
Firstly you must discover yourself: what defines you? You can’t impact the life of others until you have found yourself.
Set your standard:If every body finds the template of their life in you them it’s an indication that, you are yet to discover who you really are. What are your likes, dislikes,values,………… Like I once said who you are determines where you go and where you go determines who you met. You can’t be looking for a breathing fish on a dry land.
What is your drive: what gives you a future is beyond what the physical eyes can see. The reason for embarking on any relationship should be well known to both parties.
How ready am I: you must be ready spiritually, physically and emotionally.
What is the vision of the other party: You must understand the vision of the other party and what the vision requires. Two individuals traveling to different direction can not travel successfully on the same boat.
How well do we know each other: you must give every relationship to time, as I once said time reveals a lot of things and heals all pain.
What are the strengths and weakness of the other party: Does your weakness and strength complement the strength and weakness of the other party? There is no perfect individual any where in the world, so bring out the best in the people you have around!
What am I ready to sacrifice for this relationship to work: There must certainly be something to let go or learn for any relationship to work. Remember giving has nothing to do with gender,every individual sure has something positive to give.
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