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I got some questions to ask. What gives people fulfilment in life? What are the strategies of being happy always? Is there a possibility of how one can have a life time success? These questions needs answers.

To start with, What gives people fulfillment in life? Do you know this truth that being successful is not the act of being fulfilled? For one to be successful is not a guarantee of being fulfilled.  Success is a part-time of being fulfilled. You might find happiness in success but exhibit joy. Joy is only mandated in the act of fulfillment. Do you know that people can trade another man’s treasure while theirs are rusting by the day. In life most successful people don’t always get fulfilled.


They at the latter part of their lives finds out that they actually never lived, all men exist but not all men do live. Existence is a mandatory aspect of all lives but living is the existence of persons who actually fulfilled their being. I have seen people set goals from other people’s picture. Do you know that God’s gift for everyone existing today is always unique to the other? Your give differs from mine and mine has its own uniqueness too. They can only interrelate but they can never assumedly be the same. I have lives striving for goals others has already achieved. Instead of pursuing such dream, why not just scrabble a part of it, and create an entire different story. It might be interrelated as mentioned earlier but it’s a totally different package. So achieving goals get more fulfilling compared to being successful.
The meaning of success is when you get what you strive for, when your labor pays you back. It may be a mental, physical manpower and other spirit adventure that paid back a positive results. But do that projects an already achieved goal?

Think about this, do you know my skill can work out your dream but mine can’t be a reality? I can learn a strategy for developing you but fails to actualized mine. God has given us some potentials that can be of help to fulfilling others. The basic step to develop others are knowing their dreams and what gives them joy, not happiness. What gives you that inner joy whenever you think about it, whenever you do a little of it, that’s your fulfillment. Whatsoever that gives you an involuntary joy is what makes you fulfilled. It doesn’t count on wealth. The pumpkin patch out there helping people with his/her skill or attitude can be of more fulfilling than the busy hustling billionaire in the world’s perspective. Life is full of many opportunities, but how many can we catch up with? How many can we really develop? Opportunities are like a raw material, they need an explorer to explore, they need a developer to develop, they need an artist to craft out their importance and they need an architect to build them up. So before you make use of an opportunity, you must be subject to such qualities. For opportunities to come to pass, it has to go through a full use. Opportunity half used is not worth having.

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As said earlier, success doesn’t necessarily mean to be fulfilled, rather they send a message that some roads need to be patched, some bridges need to be put in place and some highways needs a plain view. I have noticed that most successful people aren’t always happy? Fulfillment makes you absolutely Joyous. The lives touched makes its life memory ever fulfilling. From this picture, you can see that most people that actually made history, didn’t get fulfilled. They may have part but not full. A man’s life achievement is calculated by the impact on lives his actions touched. We don’t live to eat but eat to live. We can gather wealth but build it up in the mind of spectators. Our dream, our goal should be set on the need of our world today. What do you picture in your generation that is making them lag behind? What do you think they need? Settling those things in any little way as far as your effort doesn’t go unnoticed are the fact that makes you fulfilled.

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Fulfillment is a project of the mind, the power feed of the week. Your zeal of achieving should centre on the fact on lives that positivity will show forth through your impact. Ability to get to where you want to be should have people tell of you.
As Christians, you can only get fulfilled when you accomplished the great commission. When you try as much to accompany a lost sheep into the fold.
So remember this:

Key Point

1) Fulfillment is not calculated by the density of your wealth, but how many lives were affected by your actions positively

2) Everyone exists but  not all actually lived (living is fulfilling the purpose of your existence).

3) Wealth is not necessarily the product of success.

4) You need lives to tell your story, so accommodate lives, live your dreams in them.

4) What gives happiness is not the same as what gives joy. So work to get the better one.

5) God has given you opportunity, how much have you explore, developed, crafted and build?

6) The great commission is the key to kingdom fulfillment.


Coming soon is ‘Secret from the future!’. Wait for it.

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