#GHitsNews: GospelHitsNaija Media Announces New Platform – A Blog With A Devine Mandate

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Site Name: Gospelhitsnaija Media

Site URL:  www.gospelhitsnaija.com


Caption: Redefined Gospel Music At The Peak

Description: Bringing the gospel light via the sound of music!

About Us:


GospelHitsNaija.com Media is a gospel online platform set to bring the rebranded air and finest of the pure sound of the good news via the sound of music, to equip, empower and reprogress to the helm of the world with the aid of the WORD of God! We are very strict on our publications and articles which its priority is torching the lives of men to the motion of preaching Christ and the gospel. In conclusion, we exist for the Gospel sake!

  • Birth:

    Gospelhitsnaija.com was birthed from Innocent Josh And Gospel which had the same aim and purpose but in a limited way. So the reformed and emergence of this platform on this label I’d an inscription and mandate slated from the passion of the WORD and HEAVEN.

    So the platform isn’t just a redefined one but a refocused means to establish our message to our fans and the world.

  • Vision:

    As the world is full of controversies, desperation, deperation and wild wickedness, the only way to break out of this factor is by relating all [Religious and Unbelievers] to the saving power of JESUS CHRIST, which His death made the way for the fallen and condenmed mankind to breathe the air of the rebranded Salvation thereby forming a reunion with God our Father. So our target is getting the unsaved get saved, seeing a nation and a generation of the true worshipers of God in Spirit  and in Truth (John 4:24).

  • Mission:

    Our mission is embolden with the WORD OF GOD, we exist to preach the word via Music, Video, Magazine known as “GHits Mag” and Daily devotionals to help grow faiths and console many in the race we are running. So we therefore place our ultimate goal at preaching and ministering Christ to the whole nations of the earth.


As the saying goes “Nobody is an island, Neither can a tree make a forest”. Our efforts alone can’t get it all except we recognize the role of others. We therefore elaborate that we are not hanging alone on this mission. The Holy Spirit is our senior partner and elevator.

We also have our big bosses as our  partner who has been on this project for a long time now. So we plead the indulgence of these big personels as we mention few of them as follows;

Town gospel
Yada Magazine
PromoteGospel Tv
Proclaim Radio etc.

  • Note: The names mentioned above are just because of time and space, we have more than what the mind can portary, more innumerable ratio of partners.
  • Thanks much for your undiluted understanding so far. We love you

Social Media:

Here is our social platforms to reach us easily and get our fresh updates at a glance.

To be the first to get our update, we plead that you follow us on our social platforms as follows;

Twitter – @Gospelhitsnaija

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Facebook – Gospelhitsnaija.com

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Call/WhatsApp: +2348065176928

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Wanna Know About Innocent Josh?

Am Innocent Josh, Admin at GospelHitsNaija.com. I stand to be the best by doing the Jesus things. iBlog, iHype, iPromote, iManage Artiste & More. Do you want to take your music to the whole universe? Then Gospelhitsnaija.com Media can handle that for you! To promote with us, Kindly contact us on; Call/WhatsApp: +2348135344573 Email:⇒ [email protected]
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