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[INSPIRATIONAL] I Will Propel You Forward Into New Directions

As I awaken your spirit to hear what you could not hear in the past, and open your eyes to see what you could not see in the past, you will become overwhelmed with my great love for you. For my love never fails, and is beyond comprehension or ability to be measured. As you see manifestation of my love all around you, your heart will be overwhelmed and your mind will be overloaded. You will become flooded and overloaded with my activity and involvement in your life, particularly as you see me moving in large scale pressures giving birth to new adjustments, changes, and innovations. (1)

For the details of the day can seem insignificant as they are observed from a distance, and without context, but as you see a larger scale manifestation of my heart towards you, your perspective will change and you will rightly interpret what you previously could not. You will see my hand at play in large scale adjustments within your nation, and will see how the pressures of direction and timing of delivery and development have been governed by my will.


And as a result, you will remember me. You will remember I am the one who set the stars in their place. You will remember the reach of my hand, and the full extent of the grasp and influence of my power. You will remember my hand, but you will also remember my heart, for as you observe the gestures, shaking, and awakening you will also become aware of the motivations behind them, and the results they are producing.

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So allow me to provoke you. Allow me to press your circumstances and move you past your own preferences. Allow me to strip you bare of your mechanisms of security, so you will be left with none but me. In doing so you will be stripped of their influence and will see me for who I am, as you begin to see them for who and what they are. In this recognition and acknowledgement you will embrace me and will reject all others, and will abide in even greater security within your heart, and even greater abundance within your environment. (2)

My love for you will manifest in a number of ways, but will lead you to truth and to liberation. Though I will be honest, and though my love will be true, it will not always be polite, agreeable, manageable, or convenient. The fire of my heart is unmatched and unbridled. The fire of my heart is not able to be tamed or restrained. The fire of my heart will burn away all that is false, worthless, and trivial, and will refine what is good, worthwhile and valuable. (3)

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So grab on to the what I have for you, and do not shy away from the pain and discomfort of growth. Though it will cost you something, it will repay and benefit you, for my great and overwhelming love will electrify your heart, and will propel you forward into new directions, with greater zeal and capacity than you have previously known.

(1) Ephesians 3:16-19, Matthew 10:29-31
(2) Ephesians 5:13-15
(3) 2 Corinthians 3:16-18, Hebrews 12:28-29

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