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Husband Shocked by His Wife’s Investment | Today on The 700 Club

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September 17, 2018
Husband Shocked by His Wife’s Investment

Shane and Heather’s credit card spending got out of hand. They got to a point where they struggled just to have money for gas to get to work. Heather started investing money in a way that saw immediate and long-term results. See what happened.

When a Hurricane Hits You When You’re Down

After Hurricane Harvey ripped through Southeast Texas, Jim and Audrey returned to find their family home devastated and overgrown with mold. Jim, recovering from surgery, lost hope, when suddenly a group of people arrived, offering both help and comfort.

hi563_si.jpg Drinking From a Dirty Pothole

Unbelievable but true: The Ma family in China drank water from potholes because that’s all they had. The oldest daughter got sick and died after drinking it. CBN’s China ministry saw their suffering and responded. See how compassionate partners are saving lives.

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lead610_cluba_si.jpg From Part-Time Jobs to $20,000 a Month Income

When Jamal lost his job, he had to work part-time jobs and still couldn’t provide for his family. Then a financial challenge and a step of faith turned into an amazing monthly income. Are you up for the challenge?

lead598_cluba_si.jpg You Can Be Free From the Bondage of Debt

Bob got in the habit of just buying whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. With his credit nearly maxed out, he found some important knowledge about money that skyrocketed his finances. Learn what he did that changed it all.

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op718_si.jpg Mom Prays for a Job and God Provides

In South Africa, Nolindo was caught in a bind. She needed to work so she could provide for her precious daughter. But, she had no one to take care of the child. God knew exactly what both mother and daughter needed. See how caring friends like you played a part in this sweet story.

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