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Newborn’s Illness Shakes Parents’ Faith | Today on The 700 Club

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September 10, 2018
Newborn’s Illness Shakes Parents’ Faith

After a miscarriage and complicated pregnancy, Kate and Terrence hoped the worst was behind them. Then their newborn daughter stopped breathing.

Scared of Her Own House

The Jia family didn’t know where to start repairing their old house. The roof leaked, and mice came in through holes in the walls. Grandma was often sick from the cold and dampness, and little Enci was frightened. Learn who came to the aid of this poor family in China.

zp102_rosh_hashanah_SI.jpg CBN Celebrates Rosh Hashanah – September 9, 2018

CBN’s annual celebration with Pat and Gordon Robertson, musical guest Paul Wilbur, and special guests!

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barrymeier_si.jpg Deadly Chain Reaction: The Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic

Author Barry Meier traces the origins of America’s opioid nightmare back to one drug: OxyContin. He talks to Pat Robertson about how the pharmaceutical industry underplayed the addictive nation of this powerful narcotic, setting off a deadly chain reaction.

700 Club Interactive

isu99_si.jpg 700 Club Interactive – September 10, 2018

Author Jackie Hill-Perry, author of Gay Girl, Good God, shares her story of finding wholeness.

CBN Ministries

hi380_si.jpg Parents and Child in Agony

Each time they looked at little Sai Teja, his parents grew more despondent. His cleft lip and palate prevented him from taking nourishment, and he was not gaining weight. His father was a day laborer in India. How could they save their suffering child?

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